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Cake creations bowsprit

trickle Cake Cooking Tips Makin Fibrous <- End: -> So far we know only a trickle cake traditional cakes made from rice flour and brown sugar. Many creative people who modify a cake recipe cake bowsprit bowsprit with new creations. There is a variety of sweet flavors and colors.
You do not have to worry, poorer baking bowsprit
not as difficult as assumed by many orang.Asal we know of techniques properly, make a cake that looks have fiber bowsprit can be an easy job. Really quite easy cooking tips, refer Cooking Tips The following simple:
Main Material:
In baking bowsprit which uses the main ingredients of rice flour, this flour can be made from finely milled rice grains, can also be made from rice flour that is available ready pakai.Tepung traditional markets and supermarkets. In addition to selecting the best quality, look at the expiration date. Choose the packaging is not hollow, because no matter how small the hole, rice flour susceptible to moisture so easily damaged, smelly and lice. Although flour packaging has been opened or not, should be stored in an airtight container so durable (durable), it does not hurt to dry.
When using other additives, you can add a little flour with moderate protein content, the addition of flour could have an effect on the outcome of the cake bowsprit tidakbegitu hard and slightly flexible when bitten.
Always use hot liquid when the liquid may mencampuradonan.Sebisa cooked with sugar, then filtered in order
sugar dirt do not mix.
Generally, bowsprit brown cake because it is made from brown sugar or palm sugar, but now there is also
green, yellow, white or red Dad made young sugar.
Function mengempukan sugar to the dough and give the cell structure and sweet taste.
If you do not want a trickle, dark, reduce the brown sugar with a sugar substitute with
3 comparisons: 1. or just use sugar.
Materials and Dyes Taste:
Commonly used materials pewarnasekaligus natural flavorings. You can get a little creative with giving color variations. For flavorings that can cause smell, could use
vanilla, fruits such as durian, jackfruit, strawberry, etc..
Cake bowsprit will be safe if the materials used are all natural.
Means no synthetic ingredients such as artificial sweeteners or added dyes that
not for food.
How to Make Dough:
Texture section verges cake bowsprit truly mesmerizing form of small holes in the surface, and if the cake
torn, the texture of the fiber cross-section appeared like the bars of a smooth,
impress every viewer. Baking bowsprit said not too hard, not too easy to say.
Just so you know the tricks, you can make your own bowsprit which is fibrous.
1. bowsprit cookie dough is easy to make, just mix all the ingredients with hot liquids , then
stir until well blended dough. Well, that key on the stirring batter kuecucur fibrous
pengeplokannya by not less than 15 minutes. The longer pengeplokannya the greater good
fibers produced. Keep pengeplokannya always constant, so do not be quick
complained of feeling tired.
2. Dough can be directly dicetakdengan use and heavy black iron skillet so that the results are better, because the heat generated stable
3. cooking oil should not be too hot or too cold so that the cavity that is formed can be perfect.
4 . When frying, the batter must often dikeplok so that the mixture remains good.
5. those of you who are creative, cake bowsprit now it does not have brown sugar alone.
you can create a wide variety of fruit combinations such as adding fruits.
6. Generally cake bowsprit memilikdaya relatively short shelf.
Cake bowsprit which have matured should not be left in open containers, cake bowsprit
store in tightly covered container.
7. With skin so dry cake bowsprit is not easy.
Hopefully useful and good luck Cooking Tips is at home

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