Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Padang Recipes Jerky Balado

set Nusantara Recipes - Indonesia is a country rich cultural and culinary, it is no wonder that the country is known for its many peculiarities Indonesia masakanya. Each region has its own typical dishes, the recipes also have differences with each other. As well Padang Recipes Jerky Balado , recipes cuisine from Padang area is characterized by a unique cuisine with a delicious flavor Balado.

If you want to try how to manufacture Jerky Balado Typical Padang cuisine , please follow the following recipe.

Making Jerky Balado Ingredients:
    Jerky Balado
  • 1/2 pounds beef stew
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tbsp lime juice 8 tablespoons cooking oil 10 pieces of red pepper 12 grains of red onion
How to Make Jerky Balado:
  1. Remove beef tendons.
  2. Then slice the meat thinly follow the direction of the meat fibers. Knead the meat that has been sliced with lime juice, and salt. The next step, dry the meat pieces in the hot sun to dry. Once dry, fry bacon until crisp over low heat, set aside. For seasoning: red chili, red onion rough ground. Stir-fry in hot oil, season salt, and lime juice. Stir until wilted. Put the piece of meat, stir and lift and serve.

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