Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recipes How to Make Sweet Sticky Tape

Recipe makes tape sticky
Recipes Today - Sweet and fresh food is a picture of a tape made of white sticky rice. Probably in the area around your diet is often found when there is an event or social gathering celebration of mothers. With the sweet taste sour, tape into unique dishes, refreshing and healthy.
If you are interested to try recipe how to make tape at home, please follow the following recipes :

Material To Make Tape Ketan:
  • 1 kg glutinous white
  • yeast 1 egg Sugar Banana leaves, for wrapping tape
How to Make Sticky Tape:
  1. white washed thoroughly, soak for about 2 hours, drain.
  2. then broiled until sticky white is really mature. Lift. glutinous steamed Once cool, sprinkle yeast that has been destroyed and in fine sieve until evenly distributed. Melt the sugar with a little water. Wrap white sticky rice yeast that had been given earlier in banana leaves, do not forget to pack any given liquid sugar about 1 tablespoon. Put it in a container and cover tightly for fermentation. Leave for 2 nights. After the fragrant smell, Tape Ketan ready to serve.

So The process of making sweet sticky tape , I hope this recipe helps. Good luck ...!

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